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Experienced, focused and approachable. We are Thoma Bravo.

David Alldian

Valuation Associate

Mary Amundson

Accounting Manager

Katie Brennan

Vice President, Controller - Firm

Julie Burns

Accounting Associate

Jeanine Calabrese

Accounting Manager - Firm

Alex Chapman

Tax and Accounting Associate

Amy Coleman Redenbaugh

Managing Director, Chief Financial Officer

Scott Conquest

Vice President, Controller - Credit Funds

Meghan Creed

Accounting Associate

Brian Dunford

Senior Vice President, Valuation

Dariusz Dziurdzik

Tax and Accounting Manager

Saneshia Foster

Tax and Accounting Manager

Caitlin Howard

Tax and Accounting Manager

Steven Howe

Valuation Associate

Shari Huisman

Director, Finance

Kevin Kim

Senior Valuation Associate

Dale Li

Accounting Associate

Paul Li

Assistant Controller - Equity Funds

Andy Lueke

Vice President, Tax and Accounting

Adam McIntosh

Senior Accounting Associate

Kristy Pike

Vice President, Controller - Equity Funds

Sandra Popovic

Operations Manager - Credit Funds

Ginte Prasauskaite

Senior Tax and Accounting Associate

Annie Siu

Senior Accounting Associate

Matthew Smith

Valuation Manager

Kyle Spina

Assistant Controller - Credit Funds