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Culture is not the most important thing; it’s the only thing.

We are a passionate group of individuals who share one mission: to buy great software companies, spend time with them operationally and make them the best at what they do.

At Thoma Bravo, we believe that people working together makes all the difference in the world. We pride ourselves on hiring and retaining exceptional and diverse talent to build partnerships for success. We have a demonstrated track record of excellence that results from our differential approach, high standards and entrepreneurial spirit.

Our team is focused on continuing to advance our dynamic culture and develop young talent into future leaders. We offer longer-term career growth opportunities, challenging work and a supportive environment throughout all levels of the organization – with a promise to create something significant.

We define our culture in 3 ways:


Creating value by delivering outcomes


Sharing knowledge to drive results


Welcoming fresh ideas and perspectives

A Powerful Mentorship Culture

At the core of Thoma Bravo's culture is mentorship – it's engrained in everything we are and everything we do. Thoma Bravo was formed out of a mentor-mentee relationship when Carl Thoma hired Orlando Bravo at the start of his private equity career and taught him the science of deal-making. The two, now partners and co-founders, continue to foster a mentorship culture.

We recognize our talent as a key driver to success and look to develop our employees' natural skillsets and leadership abilities. We keep our investment teams small to give individuals more responsibilities, authority and room for creativity. We make it a point to hire right and accelerate from within; in fact, many of our partners started at Thoma Bravo as associates.

Learn more about why Thoma Bravo values and prioritizes mentorship in Orlando Bravo's article "Mentorship as a Core Leadership Attribute."


Our human capital is our most valuable asset

The collective sum of our employees' individual differences, life experiences, age, innovation, self-expression, capabilities and talent is the fabric of our culture and a key driver of our reputation and success.

We believe in the benefits of diversity and inclusion, and these values form the core of a collaborative and innovative work environment. In recruitment, we are taking active steps to attract and hire candidates from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds. We embrace individual differences and strive to foster a culture of inclusion that allows all employees to reach for their highest potential.


Thoma Bravo is proud to support and partner with organizations aimed at recruiting and developing diverse talent into future leaders:

"Do you want to be in an organization that says 'that's a problem but it's not for us to solve, let somebody else deal with that.' Or, do you want to be in an organization that leads and is part of the solution."




Interested in a career at Thoma Bravo?

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