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Pursuant to Section 16A of the Israeli Law for the Regulation of the Provision of Investment Advice, Marketing Investments and Portfolio Management – 1995 (the "Investment Advisor Law"), Thoma Bravo Fund XIV, L.P. (the "Main Fund"), Thoma Bravo Fund XIV-P, L.P. (the "Paired Fund"), and Thoma Bravo Fund XIV-A, L.P. (the "Blocker Fund", and together with the Main Fund and the Paired Fund, the "Fund") hereby brings to your attention that the Fund has, or may be deemed to have, a "Connection" with certain "Financial Assets", as described below. The terms "Connection" and "Financial Assets" have the meaning as ascribed to them in the Investment Advisor Law which are set out in the attached Definitions Page.

The Fund and/or parties directly or indirectly connected with the Fund manage, issue and/or offer for sale a number of investment vehicles including pooled investment vehicles. The Fund and/or the parties directly or indirectly connected with the Fund may receive fees, compensation or other benefits in connection with carrying out "Transactions" in such Financial Assets, as defined in the Investment Advisor Law, or the continued holding of such Financial Asset.

Given the "Connection" between the Fund and such Financial Assets, the Fund may prefer such Financial Assets over other similar investment vehicles or assets that may otherwise be appropriate to an Investor.

List of Financial Assets with which the Fund may have a "Connection"

The Fund has a very substantial number of funds and other Financial Assets with which it may have a Connection.

See the US SEC Form ADV for THOMA BRAVO (CRD# 157041 / SEC# 801-73780)[Alternate Names: THOMA BRAVO, THOMA BRAVO, L.P., THOMA BRAVO, LLC] available at the following web addresshttps://adviserinfo.sec.gov/firm/summary/157041

In particular see:

ADV Part 1 Items 7.A and 7.B.(1) which are available through the following link: https://reports.adviserinfo.sec.gov/reports/ADV/157041/PDF/157041.pdf


ADV Part 2 Advisory Business, Fees And Compensation, Performance-Based Fees And Side-By-Side Management, and Client Referrals And Other Compensation, which is available through the following link:



For purposes of this disclosure the following definitions apply:

"Connection" of a person to a financial asset means – each of the following:

(1) the Financial Asset is managed by that person or was issued by him;

(2) that person – or another on his behalf or for him – is directly or indirectly entitled to a benefit, other than the refund of a fee or of a distribution fee said in section 17(b)(3) to (5), otherwise than from the buyer or holder of the Financial Asset, in connection with the performance of a transaction with the Financial Asset or with its continued holding; for purposes of this definition, "person" includes whoever controls him or is controlled by either of them, holds a position in either of these, is employed by or employs one of these.

"Financial Assets" means Units as defined in the Joint Investment Trusts Law, shares or units of funds registered abroad, options, futures contracts, Structured Products, Index Products, and Supplementary Training Funds, or as the Minister of Finance shall prescribe in consultation with the Authority and with approval by the Knesset Finance Committee.

"Index Products" means basket certificates, commodities certificates, short certificates and cover options, within their meaning in the Israeli Stock Exchange By-laws, and also other index products within their meaning in the Stock Exchange By-laws that the Minister of Finance designated in consultation with the Israeli Securities Authority and with approval by the Knesset Finance Committee.

"Structured Products" means an investment, either as a deposit or in some other way, on which the yield or the risk is determined by a formula that is based on changes in one or several of the following:

(1) one or several indexes;

(2) the price of one or of several securities;

(3) the price of one or of several commodities;

(4) the price of options or of futures;

(5) interest or differentials between different interest rates;

(6) currency exchange rates or differentials between different currency exchange rates other than an investment that unconditionally assures payment of the capital amount with changes that stem from paragraphs (1) or (2) below, if so prescribed in the investment conditions, and that also unconditionally assures the payment said in paragraph (3) below, if such was prescribed, on condition that – if a choice is given between two or more of what is enumerated below – payment shall be assured according to the highest among them:

(1) differentials of an index that is not a securities index;

(2) currency exchange rate differentials;

(3) fixed or variable interest;

the Minister of Finance may – in consultation with the Authority and with approval by the Knesset Finance Committee – designate investments that, notwithstanding the aforesaid, are included in this category or are not included in it.

"Transaction" – means a transaction in Securities or Financial Assets.