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Mediware Acquires Harmony Information Systems, Inc.

Expands Mediware’s footprint in the long-term care market

LENEXA, KS (June 11, 2014) – Mediware Information Systems, Inc. announced today that it has acquired Harmony Information Systems, Inc., a long-term care software solutions company. Harmony’s software solutions help federal, state and local agencies serve consumers with home- and community-based approaches to long-term care. Harmony solutions are used by more than 25,000 users at state and local agencies to manage complex health and human services processes across the integrated continuum of care.

Mediware pursued the acquisition of Harmony to expand its footprint in the post-acute care market and is looking forward to helping more organizations determine the most appropriate level of care. “The acquisition enables Mediware to broaden its subject matter expertise in long-term care and enhance Mediware’s ability to expand the continuum of care outside the hospital,” said Thomas Mann, Mediware’s president and chief executive officer. “Not only will Mediware be positioned to have a positive impact on these settings, but these markets are expected to grow over the next decade,” continued Mann.

“The state and local agencies that currently use Harmony products will feel right at home with Mediware. They should also feel more confident and excited about our ability to support and meet their needs,” stated Mann. Joe Sander, Harmony’s president and chief executive officer, says Harmony’s clients will benefit from working with Mediware. “We feel like Mediware’s experience, financial strength and commitment to its customers is a perfect fit for our customers.”

Harmony focuses on helping its customers manage the complex and changing policies related to long-term care. The company has developed specialized workflows and features in its software to solve the unique demands faced by its customers. Managing complex Medicaid waiver programs, complying with mandates under the Older Americans Act and reducing readmissions through care transitions are a few examples of the challenges addressed within Harmony’s software solutions. With the aging population, these programs and policies will only become more relevant and the need for specialized niche solutions will continue to grow. Mediware is excited to be on the forefront, ready to help its newly acquired customers.

About Mediware
Since 1980, Mediware has provided software solutions to commercial healthcare providers and has since expanded to serve many state and federal agencies. Mediware’s solutions are perfect for high-growth, complex patient care environments that remain underserved by existing vendors. The company employs more than 400 subject matter experts who deeply understand business and care processes in highly specialized acute, non-acute and community-based care settings and have years of experience integrating systems. Mediware’s portfolio of solutions currently includes blood solutions, cellular therapy, home care, medication management, rehabilitation, respiratory therapy. For more information about Mediware products and services, visit www.mediware.com.

About Harmony
Harmony, the industry’s leading provider of cloud-based long-term care software, helps state and local agencies collaborate with caregivers and service delivery organizations to empower consumers to thrive in their homes and communities. Harmony’s smart applications for managing Medicaid, Medicare, and Older Americans Act-funded programs are continually updated to comply with policy changes and industry best practices to provide high-quality long-term services and supports to the disabled and the aging. The result is a breakthrough in care coordination that reduces operational costs, ensures rapid reimbursements and optimizes outcomes. Harmony is recognized as the most scalable, robust, and dependable platform provider in the industry and is in use at 40 state-level agencies by more than 25,000 users. For more information, visit www.harmonyis.com.