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Private companies across the globe are playing an instrumental role in addressing COVID-19 by offering their resources, services and expertise to support customers, employees, partners and local communities. Thoma Bravo is launching a ‘Portfolio Spotlight Series’ to recognize some of these efforts and initiatives taking place across our portfolio of companies.

Portfolio Spotlight

Today’s Portfolio Spotlight features Kofax, an intelligent automation solutions software provider for digital workflow transformation. Kofax has been helping organizations prepare for the future of work and supporting their digital transformation jou...

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J.D. Power, a global leader in data and analytics, consumer insights and advisory services. The company has been working to provide clients with valuable insights and market data to help them make critical business decisions during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

COVID-19 is rapidly changing consumer behavior, preferences and buying experiences. J.D. Power is leveraging its industry-leading analytics capabilities to generate practical insights on the pandemic’s impact. Below are some of the ways J.D. Power is helping its clients across various industries to understand the constantly evolving consumer landscape.




  • Automotive – J.D. Power introduced a weekly intelligence report to track the pandemic’s effect on the U.S. automotive industry. In addition to the report, J.D. Power leadership hosts a weekly webinar every Wednesday to review and discuss the report’s findings and address questions from industry participants. In order to serve the widest possible audience, both the intelligence report and the webinars are accessible to the public free of charge.


  • Travel – Given the severe impact of the pandemic on the travel sector, the J.D. Power Travel and Hospitality Team has adopted a higher-touch approach, conducting 1:1 outreach with clients in an effort to provide support through the crisis. The team has been focused on sharing best practices and lessons on how the industry has rebounded from similar economic environments in the past. J.D. Power also launched a weekly Airport Summit webinar series to share insights and research on consumer attitudes towards air travel.


  • Financial Services – The J.D. Power Financial Services team launched a series of pulse surveys and reports tracking the personal financial effects the pandemic has had on consumers. The effort is aimed at answering the critical question: What do consumers want to hear from their financial institutions right now? The survey has enabled clients to make more informed decisions on how to navigate the issues that are top-of-mind for consumers during this crisis, allowing them to be as responsive as possible to customer concerns.


  • Utilities – As consumers grapple with stay-at-home orders, J.D. Power’s Utilities practice launched a pulse study on the impact the pandemic has had on consumer perceptions and attitudes towards utilities. The study focuses on utility performance, reliability and cost. Questions looked at how prepared customers think their utilities are and their ability to provide power during the crisis. The results and analysis have given J.D. Power’s utilities clients insight into customer sentiment and their outlook, as well as a view on shortcomings and opportunities utilities have to improve communications and customer service.

Now, more than ever, companies and consumers are relying on J.D. Power’s insights and analysis to inform their decisions. Thank you, J.D. Power!