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Portfolio Spotlight

Today’s Portfolio Spotlight features Kofax, an intelligent automation solutions software provider for digital workflow transformation. Kofax has been helping organizations prepare for the future of work and supporting their digital transformation jou...

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Portfolio Company Spotlight features TRADER, a digital marketplace and marketing software provider for the Canadian auto industry. During the COVID-19 pandemic, TRADER has been supporting auto dealers with free tools, support and customer insights as the industry has shifted to a remote sales environment.

  • Free Software Solutions: TRADER developed a suite of complimentary software tools to help its customers build connections with online shoppers and carry out everyday sales operations online as sales teams conduct business remotely during the pandemic. These tools include real-time chats to allow teams to interact with buyers; contactless services badges, which allow dealerships to advertise the services they offer; and an online deposit system.
  • Sharing Best Practices: TRADER has been hosting a series of “TRADER Talks,” video chats between TRADER executives and other industry experts to help dealerships adapt to the latest
    developments with the pandemic and provide advice and general best practices on topics
    including virtual appraisals, digital retailing, remote selling and inventory management. TRADER is inviting its community to provide recommendations on topics that are most relevant to them.
  • Leveraging Market Insights: Over the course of the pandemic, TRADER has been conducting customer surveys and analyzing shopping trends to understand changes in customer behavior and preferences. In April, TRADER commissioned a survey of 2,800 Canadians on purchase
    intent, finding that 72% of consumers said they would take more time to finalize a purchase given uncertainty over the pandemic, and their personal livelihood and health. In June, TRADER conducted a user study that surveyed 600 Canadian shoppers to understand how purchasing and shopping behavior have changed during the pandemic, finding that there has been an overall increase in car shoppers, and that shoppers who planned on purchasing prior to the pandemic have not been deterred. In July, TRADER conducted another study on customer intentions toward purchasing a vehicle and their go-to information sources for car buying. After surveying 300 Canadian car shoppers, TRADER found an overall uptick in customer intention to purchase a vehicle and a continued reliance on online sources to help with the purchasing process.

We are so proud of the way that TRADER has been supporting the auto industry throughout the pandemic. Thank you, TRADER!