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Private companies across the globe are playing an instrumental role in addressing COVID-19 by offering their resources, services and expertise to support customers, employees, partners and local communities. Thoma Bravo is launching a ‘Portfolio Spotlight Series’ to recognize some of these efforts and initiatives taking place across our portfolio of companies.

Portfolio Spotlight

Today’s Portfolio Spotlight features Kofax, an intelligent automation solutions software provider for digital workflow transformation. Kofax has been helping organizations prepare for the future of work and supporting their digital transformation jou...

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Portfolio Spotlight Series features Qlik, a leading provider of end-to-end, real-time data integration and analytics solutions. Qlik is helping organizations across the public and private sectors improve decision-making, reinvent business processes and protect the health and well-being of their employees and the general public during the COVID-19 crisis. As organizations face unprecedented challenges and business disruptions due to the pandemic, the need for actionable data and insights is great. Here are some of the ways Qlik is supporting its customers and communities:

  • Managing Hospital Capacity: Qlik is providing integrated solutions for health care organizations, including the NHS, as they focus on delivering the best possible care for their patient population during the COVID-19 crisis. Qlik partnered with software company Snowflake and enterprise AI provider DataRobot to create a modern analytics platform that enables the real-time analytics needed to predict patient readmittance and thus help plan for COVID-19 surge capacity. This platform gives health care decision-makers an up-to-date perspective into their state of care, as well as a sense of the strategies needed to serve their patient population best.
  • Supporting the Asian Economy: Qlik launched a public app for the Asian Development Bank (ADB) as part of a multi-pronged approach to address the near-term economic impact of the pandemic, as well as the long-term health investment needs of Asia and the Pacific. The app is gathering data that will help ADB understand COVID-19’s economic impact and the financial resources required to jump-start the Asian economy after the pandemic. Additionally, the app is being used to create long-term strategies for preventing similar outbreaks in the future.
  • Facilitating Humanitarian Aid Flow: Qlik is supporting Direct Relief, a nonprofit organization supporting those affected by poverty or emergencies, to extend rapid humanitarian aid through a unique data analytics application. To provide essential medications, personal protective equipment, medical aid and tens of millions of dollars in grants, Direct Relief had to connect operational business analytics views with epidemiological analysis of case-spread, risk factors and impact on medical infrastructures. Qlik developed a data analysis application, updated in real-time, that allows Direct Relief to track the pandemic and public health response and provide rapid aid at an exponential scale. Qlik and Direct Relief made this application open to all so that all organizations can make informed decisions to respond to COVID-19. 
  • Supporting Australian Workers: Qlik helped the Australian government develop a public Jobs Hub platform that connects Australians who have been impacted by COVID-19 with available jobs. In addition to helping out-of-work Australians to reenter the workforce, the platform has the added feature of analyzing data to provide insight on labor trends and jobs in demand.
  • Tracking COVID-19 and Protecting Frontline Staff: Qlik is donating its data analytics technology to power provider and patient safety through a new COVID-19 heat map feature built for home-based care providers. Qlik collaborated with WellSky, a health and community care technology and services company, to develop complimentary COVID-19 tracking technology that allows health care providers to study a heat map of hot spots, anticipate locations with increasing infection rates and allocate personal protective equipment based on greatest need.
  • Advancing Post-COVID Back-to-Work Strategies: Qlik built two HR-related applications to assist customers in maintaining a competitive workforce advantage. These apps allow businesses to use data and analytics to make decisions regarding the issues of location, technology, support and facilities during the pandemic and the eventual return to what, inevitably, will be a changed working environment. These are the first applications in a planned series of solutions Qlik will deliver to customers. Future apps are expected to focus on the proactive use of data to execute strategies for getting back to work in supply chain and finance.

We are so proud of Qlik and its work to help aid the global response to COVID-19 as well as helping companies get back to work and safely optimize their business. Thank you, Qlik!