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Private companies across the globe are playing an instrumental role in addressing COVID-19 by offering their resources, services and expertise to support customers, employees, partners and local communities. Thoma Bravo is launching a ‘Portfolio Spotlight Series’ to recognize some of these efforts and initiatives taking place across our portfolio of companies.

Portfolio Spotlight

Today’s Portfolio Spotlight features Kofax, an intelligent automation solutions software provider for digital workflow transformation. Kofax has been helping organizations prepare for the future of work and supporting their digital transformation jou...

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Portfolio Spotlight Series features Cority, an environmental, health, safety and quality (EHSQ) software provider that enables organizations across 30 industries in 100 countries to advance sustainability initiatives and improve their operations. Cority is providing comprehensive solutions to protect employee health during the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 150 organizations around the world, including Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, are using Cority’s solutions to respond more quickly and efficiently to the challenges presented by COVID-19.

Here are some of the ways Cority is supporting organizations to protect worker health, manage their response to the COVID-19 crisis and prepare for recovery:



  • Supporting Business Recovery – Cority developed a COVID-19 Back To Work Solution to enable organizations to effectively manage the impact of COVID-19 on their employees and processes, and to support an organization’s recovery efforts. The solution allows companies to manage health screenings, track workforce availability and improve data transparency across the organization.
Cority COVID-19 Screening


  • Protecting Frontline Workers – Cority developed a COVID-19 Health Screening Toolset to help organizations maintain continuity by allowing them to evaluate the health status of their workforce, reduce the risk of spread and ensure that affected employees receive appropriate and timely care. The toolset follows U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines to ensure organizations can follow an evidence-based approach to investigating and assessing COVID-19 infections. Recognizing the unprecedented nature of the pandemic and the urgent need to protect frontline workers, Cority is providing this toolset to the public free of charge.


  • Maintaining Healthy Work-from-Home Habits – Cority is offering free six-month licenses of RSIGuard, the leading desktop application for workplace ergonomics, to remote office workers. RSIGuard provides a suite of tools that promotes healthy behaviors, reduces strain exposure and analyzes users’ work patterns to improve efficiency.


  • Managing the Resumption of Business Processes – Cority is providing COVID-19 Workplace Health and Continuity Solutions to help organizations navigate the gradual resumption of business activities. This product allows any business in any industry to manage its response and provides real-time workflows and data management tools to allow executives to identify potential issues and manage potential risks of a reemergence of COVID-19 as employees return to the workplace.
  • Resource Round-up – Cority has established a comprehensive Resource Round-up to help organizations manage their response to COVID-19. In addition to housing links to the company’s software solutions, the resource center collects timely information, educational materials, webinars, and ready-made checklists that cover such topics as occupational health and safety, remote working and home office ergonomics, return to work and pandemic planning.

We are so proud of everything that Cority is doing to support worker health. Thank you, Cority!