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Since Mediware Information Systems Inc.sold to Thoma Bravo for $195 million in September, the Lenexa-based company has continued to expand its holdings in the post-acute home health care market — and it’s poised for more.

Mediware, a health software company, has bought a total of five companies in the home health arena, including two in the past six weeks.

“(Thoma Bravo) really would like us to continue to do what we’ve done in the past, but maybe even at greater speed,” Mediware CEO Kelly Mann said. “And we’re not as limited by financial resources as we were before.”

With access to additional capital from Thoma Bravo, Mann said he would like to see the company continue to acquire one or two new companies every year.

Most recently, Mediware bought Definitive Homecare Solutions Ltd. and Fastrack Healthcare Holdings Inc.

Mann said he’d like to see Mediware continue to grow in the field of home health care, home health equipment and home infusion services. It’s a segment of the industry poised for more growth, he said, as baby boomers begin to age into the system.

“It’s pretty exciting with the volume that will be served in that segment (of the market) with the aging population and the need and desire to have services provided a little closer to home,” Mann said. “I think patients like it, for one, and two, it’s generally less expensive to serve the population in that setting.”

Mann also said the company would look at acquisitions in areas such as long-term care and skilled nursing facilities.

“We’re pretty excited to be married up with a private equity company with those resources,” he said.

“We’re really active in looking for software companies that would be good fits for us strategically, and we’re just actively moving them through the cycle and spending some time integrating them for success.”

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