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Private companies across the globe are playing an instrumental role in addressing COVID-19 by offering their resources, services and expertise to support customers, employees, partners and local communities. Thoma Bravo is launching a ‘Portfolio Spotlight Series’ to recognize some of these efforts and initiatives taking place across our portfolio of companies.

Portfolio Spotlight

Today’s Portfolio Spotlight features Kofax, an intelligent automation solutions software provider for digital workflow transformation. Kofax has been helping organizations prepare for the future of work and supporting their digital transformation jou...

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Portfolio Spotlight Series features Ellie Mae®, the leading cloud-based loan origination platform provider for the mortgage industry. Ellie Mae is leveraging its platform and partner network to provide online collaboration and insights to lenders who are adapting to today’s fast-changing landscape and to help ensure consumers obtain the financing they need as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve. The need to utilize a digital mortgage finance process is critical for lenders, and this need has been amplified during the pandemic. It has never been more important for lenders to have the tools and resources needed to ensure business continuity and meet their clients’ needs. Here are some of the ways Ellie Mae is supporting its customers during the crisis:

  • Virtual Experience 2020: The Virtual Experience 2020 conference offers participants a range of keynotes, demonstrations, topic sessions and partner integrations, allowing customers to access actionable insights to help minimize disruption to their businesses. Virtual Experience 2020 had over 6,000 registrations, representing over 1,700 lenders. In addition, more than 120 partners participated as exhibitors and sponsors. The video keynotes, breakout session webinars and live town halls and "cocktails and conversations” events garnered nearly 9,000 unique views and accounted for almost 4,000 hours of video viewing time. Sessions covered a broad range of topics, including “How Ellie Mae Mobilized to Become a Remote Organization” to “COVID-19 Impacts on Business Security Practices.” The events are available for viewing on-demand and at no cost. Ellie Mae also released a blog post with five take-aways from the event. In addition, Ellie Mae made a charitable donation of $50,000 on behalf of the event’s attendees to GetUsPPE.org, an organization funding personal protective equipment (PPE) purchase, managing coordination and pickup, and facilitating the infrastructure to ensure that first responders and caregivers on the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic get the PPE that they need.
  • The Digital Lending Platform: Ellie Mae’s Digital Lending Platform offers lenders the capabilities to manage workflow processes in a seamless manner, despite the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The platform helps minimize in-person interactions while offering efficiencies to manage the increase in refinance loan volumes. Ellie Mae offers solutions for online applications, LO workflow and investor delivery of data and documents, and enables lenders to explore current and evolving technologies, such as electronic verification of income, assets and employment. In addition, new partner integrations and offerings unlock a host of capabilities, including electronic reviewing, signing and notarizing.
  • Lending Landscape Updates: To support their clients, Ellie Mae has posted a series of articles on its blog highlighting digital trends, news and updates on Ellie Mae functionalities, offering lender insights on trends and changes coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Following an announcement by government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) and government agencies on temporary flexibilities for the mortgage manufacturing process, Ellie Mae provided an overview and analysis to help guide customers through the impact on their business. Blog posts also touched on topics such as the need to embrace technology that encourages efficiency and raises ROI and eClosing innovations developed by Ellie Mae to adapt to this new normal.
  • Ellie Mae Elite: Through the Ellie Mae Elite platform, Ellie Mae’s online community of mortgage industry visionaries sharing best practices, members are able to connect with peer lenders and explore how they are adapting to today’s ever-changing COVID-19 climate.
  • Supporting Local Communities: Ellie Mae is supporting its community through this turbulent period by giving back. Ellie Mae contributed N95 masks and gloves to local hospitals, decommissioned laptops to local students and educators, hand sanitizer and Purell wipes to the Pleasanton Unified School District and pet supplies to the Valley Humane Society, both of which were slated to be used at the company’s in-person Experience 2020 Conference. Ellie Mae also contributed perishable items from its office to the Open Heart Kitchen in Pleasanton, CA.

As COVID-19 remains a global concern, Ellie Mae is prioritizing the health and safety of its lenders, partners and employees. Ellie Mae’s mission is to automate everything automatable for the residential mortgage industry, and the team continues to work together to achieve that goal so that people can realize the value and benefits of home ownership. We are so grateful for everything Ellie Mae is doing to support its community of lenders during the pandemic. Thank you, Ellie Mae!